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Dildo Time!! Toys ,Toys, Toys...


When I see a black huge dildo I think of use, or fuck another girl with it. It makes me really horny to handle black huge dildos. And on the top of getting hot is of course wearing fully latex.

I love to feel latex, fist when I put on a suit I let flow a really lot fluid in it that it slides on my skin at every move.

You see the toys on my photos.? Yes I fucked myself with the toys. My suit is very spacial. It has inside condoms at as and cunt, so...;-) Alltime ready to use toys. I think I need wear it in future also in public but with a skirt.

I imagine how to wear in public and feel the plug in my ass and allways ready to use a toy at my cunt under the skirt.

But for now I think its ok to use here in bed at first, but I need really my good girlfriend for next shooting. What is better to fuck with dildo on own?

Sure..! To fuck each other in Latex with the double dildo.

Oh yeah. Neeed this shooting.



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//SET | XXX4|