Shy? Me?


-- Who? -- ME?!! --





Hi, my name is Olga Bird and I am very excited in open my first site.


Why? From an early age I studied with interest the brink of my sexuality and met BDSM and Fetish. It was love at first sight! The world that has opened to me, found itself without inhibitions and full of opportunities to get sexual pleasure stimulation, not only by sexual contact, but also by practice and clothing.


Latex has become my second skin, exacerbating feelings. Bondage makes me wet after the first rope touching my body and expecially deep threw my cunt.

And of course gags: hard, forcing drooling and forced to open my mouth very wide. You can imagine for what :-D

I really like when people see me on the streets in the latex. I'm starting to feel very sexy hot . My inner exibitionist rejoices and exults!

Hence it ipoyavilas idea to share a part of my life with you, dear friends.

I want to please you with its appearance and make you burn with excitement, admiring my beautiful body shape...


One of my dreams: A Ass Plug with cat-til and ears like a cat. I want live a whole week like a cat in such outfit. Nothing wear more. Oh yes sure with a cat necklace of course. I wants to be cat that with appetite lapping milk from bowls, wiggling her ass .... Be sure to share with you that experience;)


I want to travel around the very various places. To watch the world in beautiful and sexy latex outfits and you can carry it in your everyday life, do not hesitate) Sometimes I like to be mysterious, Miss Incognito, because I want to try to go out, wearing a mask and smile to strangers ... ..


I have a lot things in my mind I want do. ;-) A few I solved and will show you in my site over the time. For example hot dildo play in Latex fuck suit. I like the suit most because it has inside condoms and I am allways ready to get pleasure, pleasure my self or get hard pleasured.

I love dildos and toys. Its like an accessoir. For me its not just a toy for orgasms. :-D


Join me, dear lovers of fetish) I'm sure it will be good and interesting together


Olga Bird









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